Toxic Belly Bug Quiz
Is Your Gut Infested With Toxic Belly Bugs?
Toxic Belly Bugs
Although MILLIONS Are Infected By This Dangerous Silent Condition, Most Don't Find Out Until It's Much Too Late…
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WARNING: Your entire G.I. tract (consisting of more than 20 feet of small and large intestine) may be infested with toxic “bugs” that are secretly causing a massive “bacterial imbalance” within your body—a condition that may very well lead to a long road of pain and suffering for both you and your loved ones, and even worse, become life-threatening.

Fact is, if you suffer from irregular bowel movements, constipation, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin problems, overall sickness, bad breath, fatigue, urinary tract infections, sugar cravings, and/or an inability to lose weight, these symptoms are a near telltale sign that your gut has ALREADY been infested by “bad” bugs and has literally become a ticking, toxic time bomb.

You must discover if you have a toxic bacterial imbalance in your belly… if you ever want to feel healthy, energized and reach your ideal weight.

Take this quick and simple quiz below to immediately reveal if your gut is infested with toxic belly bugs. What’s more, you will also receive your FREE eBook “The Top 10 Gut Cleansing Foods” when you do…

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  1. What is your age range?
  2. What body weight category are you?
  3. Have you found it difficult to lose weight no matter what you try?
    Doesn’t apply
  4. You feel tired:
    Only when it's bedtime
    In the late afternoon
    Around noon
    All the time
  5. How often do you move your bowels?
    Once a day
    Twice a day
    Once every other day
    A few times a week
  6. How many processed foods do you eat a day (anything from a box or package)?
    1 or less
    2-4 servings
    5-9 servings
    10 or more servings
  7. What is the frequency of your alcohol intake?
    1-3 days a week
    4-5 days a week
  8. How often do you consume artificial sweeteners including Splenda®, Sweet 'N Low®, and/or Equal® found in diet beverages and food items?
    1 to 2 times a week
    3 to 6 times a week
    Every day
  9. Check the box next to each condition that you experience on a regular basis
    Constipation, gas, bloating,
    Acid reflux or indigestion
    Skin problems (Eczema or acne)
    Overall sickness
    Bad breath
    Urinary tract infections
    Sugar cravings
    Celiac disease, leaky gut, or irritable bowel syndrome
    Depression, anxiety, mood disorders
    Insulin resistance or diabetes
    None of the above
  10. How often do you use laxatives or antacids?
    1-3 days a week
    4-5 days a week
  11. How often do you chew sugarless gum or use mouthwash?
    1-3 days a week
    4-5 days a week
  12. How many times have you taken antibiotics during your lifetime?
    1-3 times
    4-5 times
    More than 5 times
  13. How often do you eat foods with high amounts of sugar including soft drinks and desserts?
    1-3 days a week
    4-5 days a week
  14. How often do you drink chlorinated (tap) water including unfiltered ice cubes?
    1-3 days a week
    4-5 days a week
  15. Do you eat organic fruit, vegetables, meats and dairy products or regular store bought varieties?
  16. How often do you eat foods like unpasteurized raw yogurt (this does not include regular yogurt sold in most grocery stores), sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented vegetables, fermented raw milk (kefir), and tempeh?
    1-3 days a week
    4-5 days a week